Retirement planning that focuses on you,
not just your assets

Control your retirement lifestyle

Retirement Income Strategy

Keep more of what you make

Tax Efficiency

Optimize your investments

Investment Management

Spend smarter

Distribution Strategy

Maximize your earnings

Executive Compensation Strategy

Improve your loved ones’ futures

Estate Planning

At Wiegand Financial, we serve clients who are –



Don't trust Wall Street or the big banks?

That's okay, neither do we.

The people who choose to work with us are independent thinkers who understand that their financial plan is theirs and theirs alone, regardless of what the Joneses are doing.​



Retirement should happen only once, and we can proudly say that we have never “un-retired” a client!

But this is less about the amount of assets they have, and more about their ability to make a smart plan and stick with it.



Our clients may have unusual or diverse resources.

For example, executives with intricate, non-monetary compensation structures – but complexity doesn’t scare us.

In fact, it gives us all the more to work with!



It can be hard to find trustworthy professionals in any area.

From doctors to lawyers to mechanics – and picking out a financial advisor is no exception.

Nonetheless, backseat driving is a waste of everyone’s time, so we look for clients who have rock-solid confidence in our services.

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FindInvestment & WealthRetirement InvestmentExecutive CompensationTax EfficiencyFinancial StrategyAnswers:

A 10-minute introductory call so you can learn more about us, we can learn more about you, and determine whether we are a good fit for each other. If we aren’t the right firm for you, we will be able to point you in the right direction.

A one-hour meeting with our team, either remote or in-person. This gives us deeper insight into your financial objectives and concerns, allowing us to diagnose before we prescribe. This meeting also gives you a closer look at our process.

A second meeting where we give you a plain-English overview of the factors and options you should consider in order to make your financial strategy as strong as possible.

After we’ve had a chance to get into the nuts and bolts of your situation, you should carefully consider whether or not you want to formally sign on with us as a client, and we’ll consider whether you’re a good fit for us as well.

If we decide to move forward, you can now count yourself as a member of the Wiegand family! This means you can now expect constant, in-depth monitoring of your assets, their performance, and new opportunities as they arise. As a client, you are now our highest priority.



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Wiegand Financial Group, 121 Lakeside Ave. Suite B, Seattle WA 98122

+1 (206) 932-5890
121 Lakeside Avenue Suite B,
Seattle WA 98122

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