Heading Into the Home Stretch: 2021 Trends So Far

Although, on its surface, 2021 hasn’t been as crazy as the preceding year, it’s still been a fascinating (and sometimes freaky) time to study the markets and the economy at large.

Sure, 2020 brought all the big drama to the headlines – but it was in 2021 that we started to really unpack the long-term implications of Covid and all its attendant craziness.

And man, there’s been a lot to unpack. You can catch highlights in some of our previous posts (e.g. here, here or here), but there’s so much more than I could cover in a weekly blog post or email newsletter.

Now that fall is here and we’re heading into the home stretch, I want to do a mile-high survey of what’s been happening in the markets over the past nine months. And I also decided to lean into the steep learning curve we’ve all been going through… by trying my hand at some video content (gasp!).

So if you want the bite-sized summary of this tumultuous year (or just want to see what I look like without a beard), click below!


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