How The CARES Act Can Help With Your Mortgage

One of the innumerable ways in which the COVID lockdown has upset the nation’s economy is to cripple many homeowners’ upkeep on their mortgage payments. Since a mortgage is usually one of a family’s single largest expenses (if not the largest), it also receives some of the biggest impact from the loss of income that many have experienced due to the lockdowns. The good news is that temporary relief is still available for many such households, at least for the next few months. 

The Unexpected Tax Perks of Your HSA

Health care is the worst. Or rather, because it’s so important, paying for it is the worst. Whether you’re stuck with a chunky copay from a one-time surgery, trying to maintain a specialized prescription, or just keeping up with your costly monthly premium, out-of-pocket medical expenses can easily become a major roadblock to building up wealth. 

How to Recover Your Portfolio from Corona Carnage

I saw an op-ed that you should invest your portfolio based on your risk tolerance and time horizon and have cash on hand and blah blah blah. Like, yeah, no duh… But what if we didn’t do all that and now we’re panicking?

Prophecies and Profits During Coronavirus

True story: many years ago a client of my office called in and said she had a dream that the stock market was going to crash and that we should sell everything in her portfolio immediately, which we did. She called on October 16th, 1987 – the Friday before the single worst day in stock market history, Black Monday.

Should I Pay Off My Student Loans or Invest?

Let’s pretend that you’ve just graduated college with a shiny new degree and a big ol’ bag of debt! Should you focus on paying off your loans first and THEN start investing? Or should you follow the standard payoff schedule and invest at the same time?

Unfortunately for you, everyone has an opinion but nobody takes the time to actually run the numbers. (sigh) Fine, I’ll do it! Sit back and relax while I do all the heavy lifting for you and the rest of Twitter’s lazy evangelists.

Why Treasury Rates Going Negative Today Is A Good Thing!

In the past few weeks, we have seen a total annihilation of every asset class, even the safe ones. Investors have been dumping assets at any price which is what lead to one of the fastest bear markets of all time. To see a drop of both US Treasuries (bonds) and stocks at the same time of this magnitude is quite unusual. There were only two years since the Great Depression where both asset classes ended the year negative, once in 1931 and again in 1969.

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