How much do I need to retire?
You may be tired of hearing this, but it’s true – there’s no quick answer to the question of how much you should save for retirement. While you can find a retirement-savings calculator with a quick Google search, they all depend on a lot of predictions that may or may not prove accurate: what age you’ll be when you retire, how many years you’ll live past retirement, how your living expenses will change, etc. Like any other financial planning, retirement preparedness involves a lot of educated guesses. 

That being said, an educated guess is much better than no guess at all, and there are many tricks and resources you can use to forecast how much money you’ll need and start saving accordingly. Having a clear idea of what you want your post-retirement lifestyle to look like, and comparing the budget for that lifestyle with your current one, is a great place to start. Dig into the details as much as you can – for example, perhaps you’ll be able to shop and cook more intentionally in retirement than you did while working, and will therefore spend less overall on groceries and eating out. But maybe you also hope to travel more, which will then make for a greater expense than you had while working.
What's the difference between a CPA and a CFP?
While there is some overlap between the work of CPAs and CFPs, you can think of the former as generally more concerned with clients’ financial past, and the latter with clients’ financial future.

CPAs usually examine the financial records of either firms or individuals to optimize their accounting practices and ensure that taxes are paid appropriately.

By contrast, CFPs tend to work with individuals alone, and focus on finding strategies for their clients to maximize savings and income.


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