There are lots of highly specialized financial services available to retirees and those preparing for retirement, but at Wiegand we aim to keep everything under one roof.

Much like how you'd expect your primary care physician to keep your overall health in mind when they make specific recommendations or prescriptions, we treat "wealth management" as a holistic strategy. It encompasses all aspects of our clients’ financial lives, from banking to investments to estate planning and beyond...

Retirement Income Strategy

Not a single client of Wiegand Financial Group has ever had to come out of retirement because he or she ran out of money. Backed by decades of experience and research, we make a custom and dynamic roadmap for each client that incorporates all their income sources, such as –

  • Social security
  • Rental property income
  • Pensions
  • Portfolio drawdown strategies
If a client wants to spend a few years traveling the world, we can find out if that’s financially viable. If they’re thinking of buying another property or retiring early, we can plan for that too. If they’re wondering what happens if the Social Security trust fund runs out, then we dive into their financial position and come up with a model for how such a possibility might affect them. 

Executive Compensation Strategies

With great compensation comes great complication, but this is no problem for Wiegand clients. Unusual executive compensation structures are a specialty of ours. No more wondering about the tax implications or the most efficient strategy for liquidation. We happily untangle all sorts of deferred compensation, such as –
  • Stock options
  • Cash balance plans
  • RSU's
  • Deferred compensation
If you have assets such as these, you likely have many questions as well. Should you liquidate these assets before retirement? In what order? Should you liquidate them at all? How do you coordinate them with one another and with your other income sources? If you’re facing such puzzles, you may find we’re the perfect solution. 

Investment Management

A healthy investment portfolio is one of the most important and personalized aspects of any financial plan. Each client will have a different investment strategy depending on their comfort with risk, their personal connections and circumstances, and innumerable other factors. By managing clients’ portfolios on their behalf, we remove the most common and most detrimental factor for any investor: emotion.

And we invest the same stuff for our clients that we do for ourselves, time horizon and risk tolerance permitting. Our portfolios, our spouses’ portfolios, our dogs’ portfolios – they are all managed the same way. We absolutely eat our own cooking!

Tax Efficiency & Strategy Planning

We are all expected to pay our fair share of taxes, but Wiegand clients don’t overpay the IRS. This is because we make a point of getting a crystal-clear picture of our clients’ tax liabilities, then look for ways to reduce those liabilities. Our people consistently save money through strategies such as –

  • Timely Roth conversions
  • Strategic charitable gifting
  • Intelligent asset location
  • Coordinated timing of income sources like Social Security, Pensions, Deferred Comp, and Required Minimum Distributions.
And a savvy tax strategy is more essential now than ever before, thanks to the recent passage of major tax reform that significantly reduced many of the deductions that taxpayers have been accustomed to. Fortunately, Wiegand’s combination of expertise and creativity makes us more than equal to the challenge!

Estate Planning

The old cliche is true – “you can’t take it with you.” But that doesn’t mean your wealth can’t still work for you after you’re gone. It will make a huge difference to those you leave behind if you have a smart plan for where your remaining assets go, and when, after your death. 

But there are lots of factors at play, depending on the assets you have on hand and what you ultimately want to do with them. How might estate and gift tax affect what you leave behind? How much of your total savings is transferable to heirs? How does charitable giving play into everything? These questions and many more like them are much easier to navigate with the input of a knowledgeable financial advisor.

Distribution Strategies

Good financial planning obviously requires that you be smart about your saving and investing – but how you spend is just as important. Although this might seem counterintuitive, sometimes it’s a good idea to offload some of your assets, especially as you’re approaching retirement.

It’s all about tax brackets. Throughout your career, it makes sense to focus on saving and investing so you have as much of a cushion as possible for your retirement and estate. But once you approach retirement, it’s time to fine-tune those assets to get them as close as possible to meeting your needs, without tipping you into a higher tax bracket than you really need to be in. 

This process of fine-tuning is commonly referred to as “distribution strategy” or “spend-down strategy.” As with many aspects of financial planning, while you can undertake this process yourself, it is often much more effective with the input of a knowledgeable financial planner.


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